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The proof is in the pudding

Our digital certificates can be used to prove copyright and infringement on your original work. 

Trusted by individuals, agencies & organisations worldwide, Copyright IT is the right step when it comes to protecting your work.

We’ve also built up some good relationships with various online platforms, to ensure we can help when it comes to taking down stolen work.

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"After having our work stolen before the remainder of an invoice was paid, Copyright IT managed to get all of our stolen content taken offline"

Agency Owner
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"Simple, easy to use platform that just makes sense. After looking at various solutions, Copyright IT was my final decision. Best decision ever."

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"This is more than just a certificate. The extra tools, communication and guides from Copyright IT is next to none.
Highly recommend signing up"

Timothy H
Business Owner
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"I didn't realise how easy it was to copyright my work until i discovered Copyright it."

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"After having my code stolen, I didn't know what to do. But thanks to Copyright It, I have been able to prove it's mine and stop it's illegal use"

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"Easy to use service, great price and great support. I won a legal battle thanks to this powerful site"

Business Owner
Trusted by tons of freelancers and agencies worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copyrighting your work prevents other people & companies from making a copy of it, adding it to a website, distributing it on any other media (whether for money or free), performing it, showing or playing your work in public and more.

Your work will be copyrighted in 177 countries. To see a full list of the countries your work will be protected in click here.

If your work is copyrighted, you will still be able to license it out to your clients. We've built a handy tool that allows you to license it for a specific period of time.

Through your dashboard, you can add infringers to your copyrighted work. We will then send an email to them with your copyrighted information and letting them know they are violating the copyright law. We will send reminders, if they choose to ignore us. If you wish to then take legal action, we can help. We also have templates and guides to help you when it comes to individuals or organisations stealing your work.

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