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Can I copyright a website?

While most businesses won't typically copyright an entire website, they often copyright specific components of the site. You put a lot of work into creating a website, so it certainly makes sense that you’d want to protect it from content thieves and duplicators. This means that whenever you create something unique, like custom code it’s automatically owned by you. However, this doesn’t exactly mean you have any legal leverage if someone decides to steal it. Thats why it's best to use Copyright IT and prove you are the owner.

What else can I copyright? 

Concepts, UI / UX and entire libraries
Custom Code
HTML, PHP, WordPress plugins e.t.c
Songs, Podcasts, Jingles e.t.c
Books, Scripts, Poems, Site copy e.t.c
Openers, Explainers, Interviews, Shows e.t.c
Products / Concepts
Concept Ideas, Blueprints, drawings e.t.c
SQL, Excel, Access and other formats

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